New Zealand lamb

The very best lamb products are sourced on the green pastures of free-range farms in one of the purest lands in the world, New Zealand. All our New Zealand lamb is grass-fed and raised with care by passionate farmers. These qualities, combined with our eye for the highest levels of food quality, ensure a great flavour and beautiful products that are sought-after worldwide.

Lean New Zealand grass-fed lamb is high in proteins, B-vitamins, zinc, iron and vitamin D, whilst relatively low in calories, fat and cholesterol. The protein in lamb is high quality, containing a complete range of amino acids, the building blocs for growth. 


“The lamb is sustainably raised in an eco-friendly New Zealand way.”

New Zealand lamb chilled
Boneless loin
Loin 8rib 75mm
Frenched rack 50/00mm
Frenched rack 38/00mm
Frenched rack 75/35mm
0rib saddle
8rib saddle
Chump denuded